Anisha Pandeya (अनिशा पांडेय) is a thinker and Hindi poet. Currently situated in Delhi, she claims to be a Nationalist. She is a Software Engineer having 14 years of experience and possesses very good technical knowledge. She also holds the prestigious Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate bestowed by Project Management Institute.

Anisha is a native of Vaishali, Bihar. She has been brought up in a small village of Vaishali by a very educative and progressive family. Her schooling was primarily from a government school of the Village area. Howsoever, it never become a hindrance in framing her career. In a way spending those 15-16 years of her life in a small village has given her a perspective about every little things which caresses a general individual in many way.

She wishes to spread her thoughts and poems with masses across the country and world, believing that this might give some fresh perspective and insight of subject to others.

राह गर हो मुश्क़िल, मंज़िल नहीं बदलते
फासले तय हो जायेंगे, गिरते-संभलते